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Insurance Coverage

for Seniors in the Northwest

Serving the Pacific Northwest

since 1984

Choosing the right option for your Medicare part A or B coverage can be overwhelming.

That's where Holmes Harbor Insurance comes in.

We make Medicare coverage



Counties in WA


Products Available


Insurance Carriers

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet All Types of Needs


Whether you've used the same insurance provider for decades or you're in need of a switch due to your move off of company insurance, Holmes Harbor Insurance is able to offer a wide variety of providers available in your area.


Get the personalized assistance you deserve as you switch to Medicare. There are too many hoops and barriers to deal with when it comes to your health--don't make your insurance agent one of them!


From standard coverage in Part A and Part B to prescription coverage in Part D and virtually everything in between. Holmes Harbor Insurance is there to help guide you into the right coverage for your situation.


1 phone call or Email away from your primary agent. Doesn't that sound nice? Attention to detail and coverage assistance from your agent, not an entire department.


"John Potter was amazing to work with. We were scrambling to figure out how to get Medicare part B coverage when we found Holmes Harbor Insurance. Within an hour, John gave us everything we needed to choose a provider and we were completely taken care of. Can't recommend highly enough!"

What was it like to work with

Holmes Harbor Insurance?


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We Believe Every Client Is a Valuable Long-Term Partner

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