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  • John Potter

Who is Holmes Harbor?

At Holmes Harbor Insurance, we have been providing excellent health insurance solutions in Washington state since 1984. Under the leadership of our founder John Potter, we focus on helping you find the best health insurance option to fit your needs whether that be Medicare Supplement Solutions, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Advantage plan or health insurance for individuals under age 65.

Based on Whidbey Island and deeply connected to the community, the team at Holmes Harbor Insurance is known for patient and thorough customer service, guidance for seniors looking for first-time Medicare coverage and people looking to optimize their health insurance coverage for their changing needs. In a world where the options seem to only get more confusing, John and the team at Holmes Harbor are knowledgeable in Medicare options and have extensive experience helping people get the coverage they need while reducing the complexity of the process.

If you're ready to look into Medicare Part A or B coverage, want to explore your options with Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage coverage, or need to make sure your prescriptions are covered in your Medicare Part D plan, schedule a time to talk with John Potter.



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