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  • John Potter

Preventative Healthcare: Why it Matters

The key to a longer, healthier life starts with finding problems before they even have a chance to begin, this is where preventative healthcare comes in! Healthy People 2030 ( claims that preventative care substantially reduces peoples risk of disease, disability and death; and states preventative care can “help you stay healthy, detect health problems early, determine the most effective treatments, and prevent certain diseases.”  

Preventative care is considered by some doctors to be one of the most important aspects of their jobs and many doctors agree that they would rather have the opportunity to help you avoid serious illnesses with preventative care than work solely in diagnosis and treatment.  

Preventative care focuses on maintaining your health with routine screenings while also keeping track of your basic health status to assist in keeping you aware of where you can improve. Just like immunizations, emergency services, hospitalization and mental health services, preventative care is one of the Essential Health Benefits that was passed into law with the Affordable Care Act. 

Preventative care includes screenings for many common health concerns including:

Cardiovascular disease screenings

Colorectal cancer screenings

Depression screening

Diabetes screening


Yearly “wellness” visit

Are you getting the most out of your preventative care under your current Medicare coverage plan? To find out, schedule a call with John and the team at Holmes Harbor Insurance.



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